Is your Plastic Surgeon worth Investing Money- Process to Determine?

There arise many unfortunate incidences when our look and social appeal is compromised, some of such events are distorted lip, de-structured face and burning scars, However, advancements of medical science and medical technology have allowed us to get rid of such incidents and we can thus lead a normal life without compromising our social appeal.

These days with the mushrooming of physicians and cosmetic surgeons it has become important for individuals to check for the credibility of their intended doctor otherwise they may invest somewhere that will not yield any desired result.

With this article we have come up with some points that we need to consider while visiting a plastic surgeon.

Your intended surgeon should be experienced- Medicine and medical science is a profession where perfection can be achieved with experience. With experience a plastic surgeon becomes more refined, polished and thus he can give result that is up to the mark. Patients need to refrain from those physicians who are not much experienced in this field and have just passed out from their respective medical college. The profile of an experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon should be like Dr Haitham Elhadi.

It is important for your physician to be board certified- Medical practice is one of those professions that can’t be done without a valid board certification. Doing such is a criminal activity and the person is liable for imprisonment. Thus it is important for patients to do a thorough check of their intended physicians and see if he/she holds a valid medical certificate from a valid board. Some of the important organizations and boards that offer a certificate in this domain are:

·       The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

·       The American Society of Plastic Surgeons

·       The American Academy of Dermatology

·       The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery 

Analyze whether your surgeon will take multiple procedures- The domain of medicine is a novel field and it should be practiced piously and religiously, unfortunately, there are many people who are there to make money and money is the only motivating factor. Ask your doctor how many steps he will take to accomplish the whole procedure. If he is telling to undertake multiple process ask the reason and if not satisfied drop his assistance.

Ask how he will ensure Privacy- Privacy is one of those important things that should be looked at while undergoing plastic surgery. There are many physicians who don’t care much about the privacy of their patients. As an informed physician you need to be conscious about the privacy of your operation.

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