High Blood Pressure for Dummies Simplified

Eating unhealthy foods is not advisable. But, getting one is also tempting. With tons of tempting restaurants, it is impossible to ignore the aroma and get the taste of their menu. Sadly, most flavorful goodies are packed with unhealthy ingredients. And, those ingredients can deteriorate one’s health. If bad food selection can’t be taken eliminated in the routine, you may end up getting hypertension in the long run. 

High blood pressure, or also known as hypertension, is not your ordinary disease. It is tagged as the dangerous disease in medical practice. The thing about hypertension is if it occurs, the other organs in your system may also follow. With hypertension, diseases such as heart failure, kidney disease or strokes are within sight. A single occurrence can lead to different versions of organ failure in one’s body. But, there are smart ways that will help you skip the part of regretting your unhealthy lifestyle. 

Practices to Observe to Prevent Hypertension 

The best way to get away from all the dreadful medications is by changing your ways. An unhealthy lifestyle is the main killer of society. If you’re not a fan of taking several medications at once, you might need to check the list below. To avoid hypertension treatment, make sure to observe the practices listed onward. 

•          Start a healthy diet 

Always choose the healthy ones. Do not buy and consume foods that contain too many fats. Have a colorful meal by adding fruits and vegetables. And, yes, you can still eat meat but avoid taking too much of it for safety reasons. 

•          Schedule a daily physical activity 

Register at the nearest gym in your house. Make sure it is a walking distance. Of course, you did your best at the office by completing the paperwork and not missing the deadlines. Still, it is not considered a physical activity to keep your blood flow stream the vessels properly. If you can’t find a gym nearby, then at least have a jog or walk daily even for 30 minutes only. Keep the sweat dropping and your body toxins flushed. 

•          Watch your weight 

Never go low or beyond of your ideal weight. Have a research to identify how your age, gender, and height requires a maintaining weight. The more excessive fats you store in your body, the more possibilities of getting a disease in the process. Always watch your weight and do your best to maintain its ideal range.

 The instructions above looks simple to follow, right? If you think you can do it today, then don’t wait for tomorrow to make a change. Stay healthy by monitoring your health condition. Also, choose a healthy lifestyle to live by. Consult a doctor about your health issues. Then, take action to minimize the chances of going through the medication.

 List of Drugs for Hypertension 

Now that you’ve seen the prevention methods, it is also important for you to check the hypertension treatment. The list below entails the type of drugs that are used for hypertension remedy.

 •          Diuretics

•          Alpha-blockers

•          Renin inhibitors

•          Angiotensin-converting enzyme

•          Beta-blockers

•          Angiotensin II receptor blockers

•          Alpha-agonists

•          Calcium channel blockers 

Each drug has its own specialty in treating high blood pressure. Yes, there are medicines that can help you feel better while you’re watching your blood pressure. But, as much as possible, you need to follow the prevention tips from the first enumeration above. Take time to reflect on your lifestyle. See what fits your routine. And, seek assistance from a medical practitioner to lessen the chances of getting the disease.


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