Four Tips For Long Mane Caring

Four Tips For Long Mane Caring

There are so many hair care products which ads you see on TV every day, but can they treat your mane right? ‘Due to the high amount of different toxins such as parabens, sulfates, alcohol and silicones, all they can bring you nothing – only damage’ – says the top specialists at the barber shops NYC. So we asked to tell us more about long mane treatment, check this list out.

#1 Reduce the damage

There is no need to wash mane every day, even if you go to the gym every evening. It is better to rinse a head with lukewarm water without any shampoo to refresh it with no damage.  Two-three washing per week will be OK, especially if you follow the next tip: wash roots with shampoo, the length rinse with water only. This simple tip will help to make mane clean and prevent breakage and split ends.

#2 The right hair care products

We are sure you already know that all cheap commercial products from the mall aren’t good for a mane, so make a right decision to visit some organic shop or a barber shop, where you can find the proper shampoo and a conditioner. Of course, you’ll overpay $15-20, but at least it will be healthy and won’t cause dandruff or over dryness.

#3 Deeply firm mask

Hair loss is a common problem for guys with a long mane. Try to apply the following mask before every shampooing to solve it. Combine a ½ cup of a coconut oil with a ½ cup of a castor oil, warm up a mixture and rub it on a scalp. Wait for approximately 30 minutes and wash it out with a daily shampoo. Even after the first usage, you’ll be able to see the result – mane will be supple, radiant and soft (because a coconut oil will deeply moisturize it) and you will see less hair in the bath (due to the castor oil strengthening).

Stay cool and smart with a long mane and don’t forget to follow these easy pieces of advice on a regular basis.

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