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Characteristic features of the golden doodle

If there is one feature that characterizes this breed, it is its extremely friendly nature. The dog is incredibly friendly and affectionate to all around it. It adapts very well to all types of people, making it a delight to have in the house. The miniature Goldendoodle Wyoming is also very good with children, and is thus a good choice for a family with young kids.

Although the dog adjusts well, it isn’t the best choice for apartment dwellers. This little ball of energy thrives on exercise and fun, and constrained quarters may not give it the space it requires to expend its reserves of energy. The doodle is also a good choice if you have another pet at home. It tolerates and even enjoys company and gets along well with both big and small pets easily. The dogs eat the best food and they are given a lot of time for socialization and exercise. They handle all the dogs with utmost care and love. Over all, it has a cheery disposition which makes this bubbly breed a social animal.

Factors to Consider When Adopting a Golden Doodle

The golden doodle is generally healthy and not too prone to sickness. Nevertheless, it does require quite some maintenance and care. The bushy coat requires regular maintenance, and you will have to ensure it is brushed regularly to keep it shiny and fresh. The dog doesn’t shed much.

You may like to make the most of the clever brain of this intelligent dog. Train it when it is still a puppy and it will be excited and eager to please you with tricks. The dog also displays great obedience and doesn’t tend to bark or growl unless absolutely necessary. It is very playful and also very attention seeking. So, it isn’t a good idea to leave the golden doodle alone or unsupervised for long spans of time, or it will get fussy. Indulge the dog in lots of exercise and cuddle and shower it with affection. The little dog will bask in all the attention and will be loyal to you.

The physical and emotional traits that it derives from its parent breeds make it an affectionate companion. They are also good as guide and service dogs. The golden doodle is a gentle dog that will get along well with everyone. Hence, they may not be the best watch dog. They do not enjoy being left out alone in a kennel or on the porch. They are basically indoor dogs, and this is a factor to consider if you decide to buy one. So, what are you still waiting for? Get your favorite dog today…